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Other item Letter to Alpheus Manghezi from Bento Sitoe

Letter with a poem, given to Alpheus Manghezi by Bento Sitoe in September 1982, shortly after Ruth First's assassination.

Other item Cotton Production in Mozambique: A Survey 1936-1979

A report produced by the CEA in 1981. English language. This copy was given to the Ruth First Papers project by Colin Darch.

Other item The Mozambican Miner: A study in the export of labour

Marc Wuyts' copy of the Mozambican Miner report. A report on Mozambican miners produced by the Centro de Estudos Africanos at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo, 1977.

Audio item Mandela's address on the tenth anniversary of Ruth First's assassination, 17 August 1992

A public meeting to mark ten years since Ruth's assassination, with Nelson Mandela, Joe Slovo, Shawn and Robyn Slovo, Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki and others. Recorded by Don Pinnock.

Other item Note from Ruth First to Alpheus Manghezi

A note left for Alpheus by Ruth First, arranging their first meeting in Maputo in 1978.

Other item Scrapbook RF/1/4/1/2: 1948

Ruth First's scrapbook of newspaper cuttings from 1948. Many articles are unauthored.

Other item Interview with Alpheus Manghezi

An interview conducted by Vanessa Rockel in 2012 with Alpheus Manghezi. Part of a series carried out at the Institute of Commonweath Studies as part of the Ruth First Papers project.

Other item Libya: The Elusive Revolution

'By God I am confused'. exclaimed Colonel Gadafi at one Libyan popular conference. Where Libya is concerned, who isn't?

Other item RF/2/21/9: Letter to Odeh Aburdene, Tufts University

A letter from Ruth First to Odeh Aburdene at Tufts University, requesting his research on oil in Libya.

Other item RF/2/21/10: Answers to questions submitted by Ruth First to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Tripoli, Friday 2 July 1971

A document with typewritten anwers to questions that Ruth First submitted to Gaddafi in July 1971, with annotations and notes.


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