South Africa

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Audio item Mandela's address on the tenth anniversary of Ruth First's assassination, 17 August 1992

A public meeting to mark ten years since Ruth's assassination, with Nelson Mandela, Joe Slovo, Shawn and Robyn Slovo, Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki and others. Recorded by Don Pinnock.

Other item South Africa and Mozambique - 1960-1970
Other item Culture and communication: the rise of the left-wing press in South Africa
Other item The mining industry in the context of South Africa's economic development, 1910-1940
Other item Ideology and the manufacturing class in South Africa, 1907-26
Other item Primitive accumulation and class formation in the making of Agrarian capitalism in South Africa
Other item Black resistance in South Africa, 1950-1961, an assessment of the political strike campaigns
Other item South Africa's Lumpenproletarian Army 'Umkosi Wa Ntaba - The regiment of the hills, 1890-1920
Other item South Africa after apartheid: Prospects for economic recovery
Audio item Interview with Alpheus Manghezi

An interview conducted by Vanessa Rockel in 2012 with Alpheus Manghezi. Part of a series carried out at the Institute of Commonweath Studies as part of the Ruth First Papers project.


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