Libya: The Elusive Revolution

"'By God I am confused'. exclaimed Colonel Gadafi at one Libyan popular  conference. Where Libya is concerned, who isn't?
Ruth First's main emphasis falls on the causes and consequences of the 1969 revolution, in which a group of young officers ousted the monarchy. This thorough survey provides a wealth of information about the religious, economic and social springs of Libyan politics, the sudden explosion of oil revenues and the fanatical- often na·ive- pursuit of Arab unity. She introduces the reader  to a twentieth-century social revolution based on the Koran ; to an oil-rich state determined not to copy Kuwait; to a new centre of pan-Arabism which has almost invited the hostility of other Arab states;and to a regime which exhorts the people  to embrace its historic role but suffocates all independent action.
Nevertheless this nation of under two million inhabitants has struck giant postures  in recent years. Its strengths and weaknesses  become clearer in the light of Ruth First's able study."
This selection includes the book Libya: the Elusive Revolution and some of Ruth's research material around it.
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Other item RF/2/21/8: New secrets revealed by the leader of the Revolution, Col. Gadaffi

A translation of a press release about the early stages of the Libyan revolution.


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